We're A Group Of Affiliates

The stuff here is dedicated to delivering information on affiliate marketing. We also are helping educate on trends and new processes to help affiliates start earning, earn more or earn quicker. We will always look for better ways to get sales. 

Bill Connors

I’m the bald guy with the guitar. I’ve done so many things in my life. I always enjoy entertaining and helping people. It’s the reason why developed The Stuff Here. We need your help as well. Let’s make this community strong and help the new affiliates. 

Programs And Lessons

The Stuff Here is offering lessons on many things. We have one right now on how to build an affiliate website, squeeze page, setup autoresponder, get leads and get paid. CLICK HERE

Our Mission

We’re dedicated to bringing the most current information on Affiliate Marketing. Techniqes, Lessons, Products and everything for affiliates. We’re focused on the new affiliates to give them a kickstart in finding their niche and how to monitize their efforts.

Everyone who is in our tribe will can reach out to us and ask anything they want. It’s important to us to help others out with the complexity involved in affiliate marketing.


We’re not financial advisors. All information on our website is designed to give information that we’ve found either by trial and error, training we’ve done or from reputable sites.

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