Why Is A Blog So Important? – 5 Ways Blogs Help Your Business

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We can come up with hundreds of reasons for having a blog and posting from time to time. We understand that not everyone wants to write content. Not everyone knows how to build a blog or even post on a blog.

We have outlined 5 reasons why it’s so important for a business to have a blog.

  1. SEO/SERP (Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Results Page)
  2. Increased Website Traffic
  3. Advertise Your Brand
  4. Lead Generation
  5. Customer Relations


Blogs improve SEO and SERP due to content creation. New content is so important to boost search engine ranking results. If you develop fresh content, you will organically outrank your competition.

Fresh industry specific content is so important to search engines, to give their users better results.

Properly used keywords, categories and topics will help get your entire website listed where you want it to be.

Increase Website Traffic

Blogs are considered traffic magnets. The sheer power of well written blog to attract new readers/customers is unchallenged.

Content is king and with keyword placement you will attract people to find out the information on your blog. New content is picked up by search engines and show engagement. Search engines want to direct their users to content that is relevant to their search. So if a blog has good information and is relevant to the search a user is looking for, you have a potential to show up first in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. 

Make sure you have a captivating headline. A well written headline will intrigue someone looking for the information in your blog. Some people consider it click bait. Don’t be misleading, be intriguing.

More traffic gives you more opportunities to land new clients. Not to mention it helps your Alexa Rating

Good blog content also keeps readers on your site. The longer a person is on your site the lower the bounce rate. If you produce the information a user is looking for, and they don’t have to search more, your bounce rate is reduced. 

Advertise Your Brand

If you have product or services to sell you can advertise them in your blog post. You can add video, images and text with links to products you’re trying to sell as a way to monetize your efforts. 

You can look at a blog as inexpensive advertising. Yes it may take time to write a post, but once completed, your blog is a billboard for your brand. Think of it this way, you sell toasters. You want people to come to your site to buy your toasters. Make a blog post about what kind of toaster someone should buy. List all the benefits of specific toasters. Then you can have images with links to your site for people to buy your toasters.

It’s a silly example, but that’s the idea.

Lead Generation

A blog post is perfect for getting leads. You have a product or service you’re selling and leads are a way to sell your products or services. If your a marketer like I am. You will make a blog similar to what I have here. You can have some catchy headline like the one I have on this page. You can give some free offer that has value as a bribe to get people to sign up. Then you have someone you can market your goods and services to. 

Yes, this is the intent of the opt-in form. I have a service to offer help to new affiliate marketers and I give information away to help new affiliates get into a profit zone. I don’t sell much there. I want people to see value in my help to keep them coming to this site, where I sell lessons and have affiliate offers. 

Funny I have given my little secret away but anyone who understands the power of collecting data would understand what my intent for the opt-in is.

 Customer Relations

You can gain trust by being a provider of information. Customers will understand that you’re intent is to give them the information they need, and a place to get it. People can tell the kind of person you are buy the story you tell. 

Think of a blog as a Social Hub as well. When someone reads your post and there is a question on their mind they have the ability to ask a question in the comment section. You can engage with them and help them by answering questions. The most powerful tool in any marketing strategy is helping someone.

I’m Bill Connors. I’m the owner of The Stuff Here and Cat60 Designs, LLC

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